Object XML Notation (OXN)

Internally, decoded JSON is represented in Object XML Notation (OXN). This allows templates to uniformly address data in JSON, XML and HTML documents with XPath expressions.

The following JSON and OXN are equivalent.

"Object": {
"String": "foo",
"Number": -1234.56,
"Boolean": true,
"Null": null,
"Array": ["bar", 42]
"Empty Object": {}
<json object="">
<Object object="">
<String string="">foo</String>
<Number number="">-1234.56</Number>
<Boolean boolean="">true</Boolean>
<Null null=""/>
<Array array="">
<value string="">bar</value>
<value number="">42</value>
<json-element name="Empty Object" object=""/>

Under most circumstances, explicit conversions between both formats are not necessary.

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