The content function is a convenient function to access upstream response bodies from inside the flow.

<if test="content()/html/head/title = 'Thank you'">

When called without parameters, the function returns the main content DOM from fit://request/content.

The following test expressions are equivalent:

  • content()/html/head/title

  • content('')/html/head/title

  • fit-document('fit://request/content')/html/head/title

  • in XSLT you may use the standard function document('fit://request/content')/html/head/title

Be aware that fit://request/content and fit://request/content/main are not the same thing! While the first starts as a copy of the latter, flow actions may alter fit://request/content throughout the request. fit://request/content/main holds the plain text response body and usually remains unchanged. Thus, content() and content('main') are not necessarily equivalent.

Optionally, a content ID can be passed to read data from fit://request/content/<ID>:

  • content('side')/some/data

The content function returns a node-set that contains the document node of the DOM in fit://request/content/<ID>. When the content does not exist, the node-set will be empty.