Flow Actions

Test Actions

There are some special purpose actions for testing:

debug Attribute

In FLAT, every flow action can have a debug attribute. Its value is a comma-separated list of log topics:

debug="topic1, topic2"

Usually actions can be debugged by type, for example to debug all request or template actions. Debug topics allow you to selectively filter debug output of one or more specific actions.

See Selective Action Debugging for more information.

<template>{"v": 0}</template>
<template debug="overrides">{"v": 1}</template>
<template debug="overrides, special-topic">{"v": 2}</template>
  • The debug topic template yields output of all three template actions.

  • The debug topic overrides yields output of the two latter actions.

  • The debug topic special-topic yields output of only the last action.

Specifying debug on a sub-flow action, automatically applies the debug topic to all actions in that sub-flow.

<template>{"v": 1}</template>
<sub-flow src="sub.xml" debug="foo"/>


<template>{"v": 2}</template>
<template debug="bar">{"v": 3}</template>
  • The debug topic foo yields output of all actions in sub.xml.

  • The debug topic bar yields output only of the last template in sub.xml.

📎 Note that there is also a debug action. It can be used to create your own debug messages. Of course, it can also be filtered with debug topics.

<debug level="info" debug="foo" xpath="$foo"/>

This will log the content of the variable $foo if the topic foo has been selected.