string replace(string input, string pattern, string replacement [, string modifiers])
The function returns a string that is obtained by replacing each non-overlapping substring of the input that matches the given regular expression pattern with an occurrence of the replacement string, respecting the optional modifiers. Supported modifiers are i ("IGNORECASE"), m ("MULTILINE"), s ("DOTALL") and x ("EXTENDED").
Internally, the FIT Server uses PCRE.


  • replace("FIT", "^F", "H") returns HIT.
  • replace("banAna", "na", "l", "i") uses the i modifier for case-insensitive matching and returns ball.
The replacement parameter may use the captured sub-patterns from the pattern parameter with $n or ${n}. Every such $n will be replaced with the text that has been captured by the n'th parenthesized sub-pattern or the empty string if less than n sub-expression were present in the pattern:
  • replace("foo-bar-baz", "b(.)(.)", "b$1$1$1${7}$2$2$2") returns "foo-baaarrr-baaazzz".
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