string decrypt(string ciphertext, string private_key [, string passphrase])

The decrypt function decrypts the given Base64-encoded ciphertext using the given private_key (in PEM format, with or without boundaries). The optional parameter passphrase is the pass phrase for decrypting an encrypted private key (the default is the empty string). It returns a string with the decrypted data.


{{$ciphertext := 'pXdQbl31OMoerOXrEd+nvoaFDv…RQeFScAWCqWCqxTNSKB1lP6C0Hg==' }}
{{$data := decrypt($ciphertext, $env/MY_PRIVATE_KEY) }}
{{$data := decrypt($ciphertext, $env/MY_PRIVATE_KEY, $env/MY_PASSPHRASE) }}

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