boolean decrypt-xml(encrypted_data, string private_key [, string passphrase])

Decrypts an EncryptedData XML element which was encrypted using XML Encryption and replaces it with its unenrypted counterpart.

  • encrypted_data: a node-set containing the EncryptedData element in the namespace as its first node,

    or an encrypted DOM document or an XML string. Only the first node of a provided node-set will be decrypted.

  • private_key: Private key to decrypt the symmetric encryption key provided in the EncryptedKey element.

    See decrypt() for the expected format of the private key.

  • passphrase (optional): passphrase for decrypting an encrypted private_key (defaults to "").

Returns true() if encrypted_data was successfully decrypted, false() otherwise.


<eval out="$document">xml-parse($encrypted-xml-string)</eval>
{{if decrypt-xml($document, $env/PRIVATE_KEY, $env/PASSPHRASE]) }}
Decrypted ciphertext: {{ $document }}
Decryption failed!