regex Action



  • pattern="..." to define the search expression including delimiter and modifier (required)

  • replace="..." to set the replacement text (required)

  • in="..." to define the input location (optional, default is fit://request/content)

  • out="..." to define the output location (optional, default is fit://request/content)

<regex pattern="#abc$#" replace="123" />
<regex in="$test" out="$test" pattern="/foo/i" replace="bar" />


The regex action works on text content only. However, if the input is a DOM, it is automatically serialized into a string for the action to work. The output of this action is always a string.

The replacement is carried out with the PCRE regular expression library.


This example converts a date of the form YYYY-MM-DD into DD.MM.YY:

<regex pattern="|20([012]\d)-(\d\d)-(\d\d)|" replace="$3.$2.$1"/>


If the pattern does not compile, the request will terminate with an error.

It is not an error if the pattern does not match or the replacement is empty.